Crane Install with Custom Cantilever

Crane Install with Custom Cantilever 

October 2020

Location: Seattle, WA

Service: Industrial Crane Install, Heavy Lifting & Rigging, Industrial Maintenance

Industry: Aerospace

Components: 3 underhung cranes – each girder weighing 21,000 lbs. and each end truck weighing 8,400 lbs.


Custom designed and fabricated Cantilever frame, 90-ton Rough Terrain Crane, Forklifts, Boom Lifts


Install 3 new underhung cranes


The customer was faced with installing 3 underhung cranes at a height of 60 ft. The fact that the crane is an underhung crane requires installation of the end trucks from underneath. This created a challenge because of the height of installation. A standard crane would not allow for an underhung installation. An alternative install method would be to hang multiple chain falls and lift the end trucks and install, which would have been very time consuming. All install work had to be performed from Friday at 2pm to Monday at 5am which would have not allowed enough time for these alternative methods. This strict time constraint was to allow production to continue throughout the crane installation.


We engineered and fabricated an alternative lifting method to overcome these challenges. We designed a custom, double cantilever system to achieve the reach required for an underhung install and allowed for a quick installation. This allowed our customer to continue production throughout the installation. This method, along with the efficient and experienced field staff, resulted in the project being completed ahead of schedule.


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