Cask Removal and Load Test

Cask Removal & Load Test

August 2019

Location: Lynchburg, VA

Customer: NovaTech

Service: Rigging, Load Testing

Industry: Nuclear Manufacturing

Component: 75,000 lbs. Steel Cask


50-ton Trilifter, 30-ton Versalift


  • Roll cask in saddles and upright cask
  • Rotate cask 180 degrees on test pad and set on stand
  • Lay cask down, remove from bay
  • Upright with crane and perform load test
  • Lay cask down and load onto transport vehicle


The Large piece needed to be removed and transported to a nuclear plant and it was too heavy for any internal equipment available to customer. In addition, the piece was too large to be removed when upright due to the size of the door. The customer also needed a precise weight of the cask.


We used a swivel piece on our trilifters to rotate the piece 180 degrees while inside the bay. We then used our Trilifter and Versalift to lower the piece and lay it horizontally with precision and balance by our operators. Once it was horizontal, we transported the piece outside of the bay and set it upright again. We then attached it to a 100-ton crane and performed a load test, accurately measuring the weight and communicating all readings to NovaTech’s internal engineers. Once the load test was complete, we lowered the piece, loaded and secured the piece onto transport vehicle to be delivered to the final destination.


ProLift performed exceptionally well and without their team, the handling and load testing would not have been possible. The professionalism that I witnessed on the job site was outstanding. ProLift supervisor, James Mann was an excellent communicator and had his team working efficiently and safely.

– Bobby Rowland, Operations Manager


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