Rubber Tire Gantry Crane Install

Rubber Tire Gantry Crane Install
September 2019
Location: Wylie, TX

Customer: Konecranes

Service: Crane Installation, Heavy Lifting & Rigging

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Components: 2 Cranes

  • 56,000 lbs. Trolleys (2)
  • 35,000 lbs. Girders (4)
  • 26,000 lbs. Legs (4)


90-Ton Crane, 225-Ton Crane, Forklifts, Manlifts


  • Receive RTG components and offload
  • Layout components accordingly to KCI layout scope
  • Position bogies and align accordingly for installation
  • Preassemble/ Outfit all structure components for mechanical installation
  • Preassemble/ Outfit trolley for mechanical installation
  • Erect/ Assemble all components related to RTG for mechanical installation
  • Complete final outfitting of all components to RTG
  • Perform final recheck of bogie alignment & movement recheck of all main parts (Trolley, Gantry, Hoist & Trolley Slew) – Approved by KCI Technician
  • Complete final inspection with KCI Technician 


Our customer had the need for a turnkey installation of two rubber tire gantry cranes in 7 weeks.


We performed the offload and assembly of the two cranes in just 4 weeks, saving our customer time and money.


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Copyright © 2019 S2N Design - All rights reserved.