Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Installation

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Installation 

June 2015

Location: Eunice, NM

Customer: American Crane and Equipment Corporation

Service: Industrial Crane Installation, Heavy Lifting & Rigging

Industry: Nuclear

Component: Rail mounted gantry crane weighing 600,000 lbs. total, two Girders weighing 200,000 lbs. each.


500-ton lift system gantry, 50-ton Tri-lifter


Offload, assemble, and erect rail mounted gantry crane


Assemble rail mounted gantry crane in an extremely limited working area adjacent to hazardous materials. 


We assembled the crane from top to bottom; counter to how gantry cranes are traditionally installed. We assembled the girders first while lifting them with gantries, then attached the legs from the underside. All of this was done without using a crane and utilizing our specialty rigging and lifting equipment.


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Copyright © 2019 S2N Design - All rights reserved.