Modular Skids Warehousing & Transportation

Modular Skids Warehousing & Transportation
March 2019

Location: Moncks Corner, SC

Service: Warehousing, Transportation

Industry: Data Center

Component: 26 Modular Skids (48,000 lbs. & 26,000 lbs.)


130-ton rough terrain Crane, 40-60 Versa-Lift, warehouse forklifts, jack skates



    • Supply engineering on below the hook lifting devices, lift plans and pertinent general contractor documentation for crane lifts
    • Receive 26 modular skids at ProLift warehouse
    • Offload 26 modular skids with lift crane
    • Place skids onto dollies and roll through warehouse to designated locations
    • Jack skids down onto floor and/ or temporary dunnage for storage
    • Store skids until construction schedule is ready to accept equipment


  • Load 26 modular skids onto ProLift transport vehicle
  • Haul 26 modular skids from warehouse to construction site for offloading


Our customer fell behind schedule and needed short term, flexible storage to continue construction. The pile up of equipment was costing them time and money.


We were able to store the equipment in one of our secure, indoor warehouses, allowing for construction to continue. When construction was complete, and the schedule called for the modular skids, we delivered all 26 pieces of equipment in seven days which put them back on schedule.


ProLift Rigging is a solution based, full-service rigging and transport organization. With our rigging capabilities and industry experts, we serve a wide variety of industries across the country. We specialize in machinery moving, industrial maintenance, transportation, storage, and much more. We partner with our customers to ensure their success through our proactive, proficient, and professional approach.


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Copyright © 2019 S2N Design - All rights reserved.