The Blue-Collar World Is Not Quarantined, But Open For Business

Mar 20, 2020

As the entire world continues to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, many industries and professions are hit hard here in the United States. While many food, retail, and entertainment industry employees are forced to quarantine, the blue-collar workforce is continuing to work hard to keep things running. Here is a note from ProLift Rigging Co’s President and CEO on the state of the blue-collar workforce and ProLift Rigging.

“As I travel this week supporting our team’s ongoing work in the Southeastern US, one thing is apparent… the blue-collar world is not quarantined, but open for business. Critical Construction and maintenance activities are moving forward and once again “Forgotten men and women” are working to keep power on, food on shelves, goods produced and transferred, packages delivered, passengers transported, networks online… no extended spring break for blue collar.

ProLift’s basic goals during this challenging time are:
1. Serve our customers – we are open for business
2. Limit the unnecessary spread of Coronavirus amongst our team and partners
3. Protect the vulnerable amongst us
4. In the absence of customer work, provide productive work for our team

We are thankful that our customers are continuing to provide opportunities for us to serve and keep our working families in a financially secure position.
If work is delayed, we will train, maintain equipment, build new tools, plan…
We will look for new talented team members that have been laid off or furloughed to join our growing team. We are hiring.
This will pass and the best is yet to come.

Matt Brennan”