Apr 18, 2024

MEMPHIS, TN – April 18, 2024 -- The ProLift Rigging Company, a leading supplier of solutions-based industrial construction services, announced, today, that it has earned ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and 45001:2018 (OHSM Safety Systems) certifications. The official certifications reflect ProLift’s dedication to delivering predictable outcomes for its clients by applying the highest standards of quality assurance and health and safety throughout all its processes.

“The ISO certifications further demonstrate ProLift’s continuing efforts to improve our processes and deliver more value to our customers as we endeavor to create, measure, and enforce standards that add additional layers of accountability and trust to the services we provide.” Commented Jesse Taylor, President & CEO of The ProLift Rigging Company.” This was a significant challenge tasked to our teams and would not have been possible without the hard work and unmatched dedication of all our employees and partners throughout North America.”

Developed and overseen by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in Geneva, Switzerland, ISO 45001:2018 ensures organizations have a management system in place to reduce health and safety risks within the workplace – protecting workers from potential harm resulting in increased productivity, employee satisfaction and profitability.

The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification is the latest iteration of ISO 9001 (which was previously updated in 2008). It is made up of seven Quality Management Principles (QMPs): Customer Focus, Leadership, Engagement of People, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence-based Decision-making, and Relationship Management.

ProLift underwent an extensive companywide audit to ensure its practices met ISO requirements. The process increases an organization's credibility while identifying risks and opportunities for improvement. Achieving this certification highlights a company's ability to consistently meet clients' needs and adhere to regulatory and statutory requirements within a measurable framework spanning across multiple types of companies and industries.

About The ProLift Rigging Company

ProLift Rigging is a leading supplier of industrial construction services offering safe, innovative solutions and insightful consultation for modern, mission-critical construction projects in need of predictable results. With a rapidly growing network of locations throughout North America, ProLift offers a full portfolio of services, including traditional crane & rigging, machinery moving services, warehousing & storage, heavy-haul transport, logistics management, integration, and project buffering. Visit to learn more.

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