70,000 lbs. Boiler Removal


February 2020


Salem, VA



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70,000 lbs. Boiler & Components


50-Ton Trilifter, 100-Ton Crane

Scope of Work

  • Remove steel plating from boiler structure
  • Lift steam drum and remove hanging supports
  • Lower steam drum and back out of building
  • Rig steam drum and remove from top of lifting equipment
  • Set drum on ProLift trailer and haul away
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Customer Challenge

Multiple factors contributed to the complexity of this removal. The weight of the boiler was not entirely known, as it was filled with water, posing a challenge to our team. In addition, the roof could not be removed as there were critical electrical components within the building that could not be exposed to weather. This eliminated the option for a crane to be used for the entirety of the lift.

Our Solution

To combat the inability to remove the roof, we instead removed some of the siding on the building and used our trilifters to remove the boiler.