Stretch Forming Press Move


February 2020 – June 2020


Torrance, CA



IMG 3982 scaled


Support Beams, Saddles, Jaws, Electrical Controllers, Hydraulic Tables


Versa-Lift 60/80, 15k Forklift

Scope of Work

Tasked with the dismantling of a Stretch Forming Press. All components to be bagged/ tagged and match marked for relocation and assembly in South Korea.

IMG 3982 scaled IMG 3980 scaled IMG 1101 scaled 20200227 095947 scaled IMG 2094 scaled IMG 2087 scaled

Customer Challenge

The customer was located internationally and was not present. They had no equipment schematic and the customer had limited visibility of equipment. The trajectory of pieces for removal were restricted for movement due to other equipment.

Our Solution

We utilized our vast network of machinery repair technicians to have a better understanding of this particular model of presses makeup and modified/updated equipment. With customer approval, we orchestrated an extensive, but efficient plan of which major components to dismantle versus leave intact. Overall, we saved the customer labor costs for not only our dismantle but the timely exercise of reassembly upon arrival. This method also proved very efficient and resource compliant for shipping.