Motor Removal and Installation


September 2017


Belews Creek, NC



IMG 0074 V2


3 Motors weighing 52,000 lbs. each


65-ton Trilifter

Scope of Work

  • Remove 3 motors and place on truck
  • Unload motors upon return
  • Install new motors
IMG 0084 IMG 0080 V2 IMG 0074 V2 1 IMG 0051 V2 IMG 0030 V2

Customer Challenge

Remove and replace 3 motors weighing 52,000 lbs. each. The motors are located in a very tight location and the job required experienced and certified riggers and operators to complete the task.

Our Solution

We used our 65-ton trilifters to remove and replace all 3 motors. Our team is full of experienced and certified riggers and operators, so meeting this challenge was no problem for us.