Rail Mounted Gantry Crane Installation


June 2015


Eunice, NM



IMG 5245 V2


Rail mounted gantry crane weighing 600,000 lbs. total, two Girders weighing 200,000 lbs. each.


500-ton lift system gantry, 50-ton Tri-lifter

Scope of Work

Offload, assemble, and erect rail mounted gantry crane

IMG 5236 V2 IMG 5260 V2 IMG 5245 V2 IMG 5256 V2 IMG 5248 V2 IMG 5218 V3 1

Customer Challenge

Assemble rail mounted gantry crane in an extremely limited working area adjacent to hazardous materials.

Our Solution

We assembled the crane from top to bottom; counter to how gantry cranes are traditionally installed. We assembled the girders first while lifting them with gantries, then attached the legs from the underside. All of this was done without using a crane and utilizing our specialty rigging and lifting equipment.