Recuperator Rebuild


July 2019


Brookneal, VA



IMG 0790 V2


Repair Number 2 Recuperator


225-ton Crane

Scope of Work

  • Repair number 2 recuperator
  • Remove 4 tube bundles
  • Re-weld south wall
  • Reinstall 4 new tube bundles

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Customer Challenge

Recuperator number 2 was damaged from use and needed to be repaired. This Recuperator being shut down slowed production and required the other recuperators to be up and running during maintenance. This repair required work in very tight spaces and intense heat during the work.

Our Solution

With our expertise in rigging and welding in tight and confined spaces along with running day and night shifts; this allowed us to complete the job safely and quickly. Our goal was to get the customers plant back to full production as soon as possible, while performing the work safely. We finished the job a week early, on budget, and with no recordable injuries. This allowed for record production numbers following our completion.

What they're saying

Just wanted to drop you guys a note to say thank you! The tube bundles on the #2 recup job worked out well. The recuperator is running very well, very even, as compared to the other units. We ended up coming in a week earlier than promised and on budget. We are close to setting production records since we came back up. We appreciate all the customer support you gave us in the engineering, expediting, delivery and construction of your products and services.

Project Engineer

Prolift Rigging streamline proactive proficient