Steel Press Installation


February 2020


Goose Creek, SC



IMG 0277 scaled


Steel Press, with the heaviest piece weighing 75,000 lbs.


65-Ton Trilifter

Scope of Work

  • Coordinate logistics from port of Charleston to manufacturer location.
  • Remove component from custom crating for overseas shipment.
  • Set bottom piece into recessed concrete floor.
  • Assemble side structures of press.
  • Set top component on press.
  • Install overhead crane inside facility.
  • Collaborate with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installation team to complete install.
IMG 0271 scaled IMG 0288 scaled IMG 0277 scaled IMG 0275 scaled

Customer Challenge

This large press required specialized equipment and labor to complete this installation. These resources were unavailable to the customer to complete this job efficiently and safely. There are only 7 Nieland 1000 SBP’s sold and installed globally, each year, making this a unique installation.

Our Solution

We used our specialized 65-ton trilifter to complete this install, which was the most efficient and cost-effective way to execute this job. We were able to control cost by using one piece of specialty equipment, rather than multiple different pieces of equipment for each move. We also installed an overhead crane while on site with our specialty equipment.